Nissan Micra 2017 Release Date

Nissan issued a recent press release, where they stated their plan of introducing a new version of Nissan Micra for the 2017 model year. This already popular low cost sports car will be once again on offer as Nissan Micra 2017. It will be developed at the Renault Flins plant located around Paris. This car is especially being developed for the 2016 Olympics and features such themes that are according to the very nature and intent of Olympic games. Golden coloured lines will surround the car’s side skirts, spoilers, mirrors and wheels. In addition to minor cosmetic changes, we will also see improvements in power and performance results.

Nissan Micra 2017 front

Nissan Micra 2017 Exterior and Interior

Since the Nissan Micra 2017 is being produced in honour of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic games, we expect it to have mostly cosmetic changes to its exterior. The officials have stated no such information that would allow us to shed some light on its specifications. This fourth generation hatchback will likely boast features like a refreshed front bumper, bolder grille along with LED equipped head and tail lights. In short, we can say that this car will be a prime example of what modern engineering is capable of achieving. Its aerodynamic shape will also go through minor modifications to allow for a better driving experience.

Nissan Micra 2017 rear

As small as this car may look, the Nissan Micra 2017 will be a compact vehicle capable of fulfilling all of its desired functions. The cabin space would likely increase in size owning to redesigned seat structure. Higher trim variants might also come with heat controllable seats along with a high on utility dashboard functionalities.

Safety features of this vehicle will also go up a level higher and come with stability control, navigation, 6 anti collision airbags and traction control. Combining all the best elements of safety and luxury, this car will be a knocker of a vehicle that its rivals should look out for.

Nissan Micra 2017 interior

Nissan Micra 2017 Engine Specs and Fuel Economy

This peppy sports car will likely come equipped with a 1.6 litre 16V FlexFuel engine that has a capability of producing 110 hp. Even though it is comparatively low than what its competitors deliver, this car should still appeal to younger generation of drivers who like to live life carefree. Because of the engine, it has been possible to cut down on costs and make it a pocket friendly version of its previous version.

Nissan Micra 2017 Release Date, Price and Competitors

Competition will be stiff in the hatchback segment as the Nissan Micra 2017 will be looking forward to competing with Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Accent, Nissan Versa, Volkswagen Golf and Chevrolet Spark. We will find out how exactly it fares against other cars once it is up and running in the streets. Standard trim variant will likely cost around $15,500 and go up significantly higher according to rise in trim levels. Expect this much hyped car to be launched near the starting of Olympics.

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