Nissan Cima

The Nissan Cima is a truly luxurious car that has found favor among buyers in Japan as well as the rest of the world. Part of the reason why this car is so popular is because it offers innovation in style and excellent power performance as well as use of the latest technologies. The design of the new Cima is not only dynamic but also very modern. The Cima is powered by a new 4.5-liter direct injection V8 petrol engine, which is able to produce a lot of power. The nice thing about this car is that it is also very fuel-efficient.

Nissan Cima rear

Nissan Cima Design

The exteriors of the Nissan Cima are very impressive. The hood for example is well sculpted and it helps to emphasize the vehicle’s status and physical presence. The silhouette is also very dynamic while the design of the rear is also no less impressive. Turn indicators operate electrically and are included in the foldable side-view mirrors. This vehicle is also available in six different colors including:

  • Champagne silver
  • Titanium metallic
  • Light blue titanium metallic
  • Sonic silver metallic

The insides of the Nissan Cima are also very bright and modern. The instrument panel is nicely curved and color scheme of the cabin is also bright and beautiful. The height of the cabin is twenty-five millimeters more than the previous model and the headroom and rear room are also more than the previous model’s. There are upholstered seats in either real leather or high quality moquette. The windshield wipers operate automatically as soon as the sensors recognize the presence of rain. The insides also offer a package of very exclusive comfort amenities. This car is also fitted with a private theater system powered by Bose. It also comes with a seven-inch HD VGA display and overhead reading light for rear seats.

Nissan Cima interior

The Nissan Cima is fitted with a powerful engine that was developed to make driving a real pleasure. The Cima also makes use of cutting edge technologies like continuously variable valve timing control and Nissan Induction Control System. The nice thing about driving this car is that it runs very quietly. Also, with direct injection and coupling of the engine with an automatic five-speed transmission the car is able to achieve excellent fuel economy. At present, the Cima gives ten kilometers per liter.

The Cima is also certified as an LEV or low emission vehicle. In addition, this model also complies with the fuel economy standards laid out by the Japanese government. The best part is that the Cima’s body is constructed in such a manner that it has won world-class crashworthiness and thus ensures the safety of its occupants.

Nissan Cima front

Nissan Cima Price

This large-sized luxury sedan is a traditional rival to the Crown Majesta from Toyota. It is available with a two hundred horsepower engine as well as a more powerful two hundred and fifty-five horsepower engine. The main features of this car include a style that expresses premium class and it is also very spacious and comfortable. The price of the Nissan Cima is in the range of $61,000 to $71,000.

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