2016 Nissan Z35 Price

Nissan will be offering sports car fans a Z35 model that is speculated to be a reincarnation of the 1969 240Z model. Since the car is still only a concept, it is rumored to be a replacement of the 370Z. Major changes in the new Z35 will be the performance as well as the weight of the vehicle. It’ll be a lighter vehicle, thanks to the aluminum material that will be used to make the inside of the vehicle. The exterior will use lightweight high tensile steel. The sports car will only weigh 1300 pounds. A few inches of the width will be removed from its previous model.

2016 Nissan Z35 front

2016 Nissan Z35 Design

The exterior will have the signature Z model design, the plunging front with a flat rear. The rear will be reduced, while the front will be wider, this will give the car a great aerodynamic form. When compared to previous Z models, the exterior has always been appealing. It is the design of the exterior that builds an interest in people.

2016 Nissan Z35 interior

With any car that is produced, when it comes to the inside of it, comfort and luxury are at the top of the list of any car buyer. The interior of the 2016 Nissan Z35 should provide maximum comfort for driver and passenger despite its petite size. A modern interior that matches the exterior is likely to be seen when the car is officially released. Nissan hasn’t provided the interior and exterior specifications for the 2016 Nissan Z35. Car enthusiasts use previous models to determine what the car will come with. Since the car will be a new generation vehicle, it is expected to have the latest technological features that will make the drive fun and comfortable. A display screen, connectivity to smartphones and music player devices, like a USB port, are some of the expected features in the car.

2016 Nissan Z35 Engine Options

In the States, car manufacturers Nissan and Mercedes have joined forced in engine development. One thing that can be certain, about what can be expected from the 2016 Nissan Z35, is the engine and how it will perform on the road. The engine in the new Z35 will be a turbocharged V6 3.7 litre engine. Other models that will come from the 2016 Nissan Z35 may have a 2.5 litre supercharged four cylinder engine or a 1.6 turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. Specifics on how the engines will perform are mostly hear say. However, from information leaked, the sports car is likely to be faster as it has a lighter design plus a V6 engine is lighter than a V8 engine.

2016 Nissan Z35 rear

The concept of the 2016 Nissan Z35 is really impressive on paper. Nothing less should be expected when the car makes its way from dealerships and into the homes of performance lovers.

2016 Nissan Z35 Release Date and Price

It could be at the end on 2015 or the beginning of the 2016. The base model will cost around $30,000. The Nissan Z35 2016 will be released with a hybrid model that will have a top with the ability to be folded in. The hybrid model should cost around $50,000 and $60,000. Two thousand and eighteen is when the hybrid model will make a debut appearance on the road. The 2016 Nissan Z35 was released at a Tokyo Car display, when it will be officially released for the public to own or test drive is unclear.

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