2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Price

Due to the success of the standard X-Trail, Nissan will be introducing the 2016 X-trail Hybrid. This offering of the X-Trail is said to be following in the footsteps of the 2014 version. That version was launched slightly ahead of time by way of the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The vehicle was then made available for purchase within the United States shortly after it’s unveiling. Whereas Europe just recently began to partake in the glory that is the Nissan X-Trail. With the new hybrid model set to make its debut within the next few months, both markets should be dually impressed.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid front

2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Engine Specs

The power of the 2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid will be provided by an impeccable marriage between an electric motor and gasoline engine. The base version of the vehicle will come outfitted with a 106kW/200Nm 2.0 liter engine. The ST 2WD model version of the vehicle will be outfitted with a 126kW/226Nm 2.5 liter engine. The new X-Trail Hybrid will be smartly mated with a standard six speed Xtronic continuously variable transmission that is automatic. The ST model will feature a manual transmission singularly. According to early reports, the hybrid engine of the vehicle is able to deliver and estimated fuel economy of 2.1 gal/60 mi

2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Interior and Exterior

The engine’s towing capacity of the vehicle is approximately 1500kg and an un-braked 750kg. This latest offering of the X-Trail will have the addition of an electric power guiding wheel system that accompanies an active engine brake, trace control and active ride control. Additionally, the vehicle will have a ground clearance of 210mm (quite possibly less according to rumor) with departure angles that have been reduced to 24 degrees.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid rear

The exterior of the new 2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid will look virtually identical to its predecessor with the exception of a few minor alterations. The headlights and bumpers are speculated to be the features that will be altered for this model year version.

For the interior, Nissan has introduced a collection of premium leather and soft touch materials for increased comfort and aesthetic. The material usage alone will increase the overall styling of the vehicle. Consumers should also expect to see new high tech features along with more LCD screens for entertainment and functionality.

2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid interior

2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Release Date, Competitors & Price

Currently, it is uncertain as to what the precise release date will be for the 2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid. Many industry insiders contend that the vehicle will be unveiled early within 2015. The base pricing for the hybrid offering of Nissan is said to be within the neighborhood of $27,000. This pricing would make the 2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid less than one of its closest competitors, the Mazda CX-5. Given that the Mazda vehicle is currently the class leader, the X-Trail’s pricing may very well alter that.

Keep in mind that the pricing will increase according to the available options that are chosen. Even if a consumer were to purchase the top trim level of the line and add every feature, it would still remain less costly than the Mazda alternative. The 2016 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid is an ideal vehicle for those that want a powerful vehicle that can also reduce their carbon footprint. Nissan has provided consumers with the ability to be environmentally conscious while budget conscious as well.

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