2016 Nissan Quest Redesign

The 2016 Nissan Quest is the fourth generation of the vehicle. The Japanese automaker has been manufacturing the vehicle since 1992. The four door sedan is a part of the minivan segment. The production of the vehicle has taken place on the continent of North America until the close of 2009. The third generation of the vehicle was produced on Japanese soil. Originally, the Quest was a joint venture between Nissan and the Ford Motor Company. The result of the initial venture can be seen within the first two generations within the line and the Ford vehicle that is sold under the moniker of the Mercury Villager. For the domestic market, the Nissan Quest will be known and sold as the Nissan Elgrand.

2016 Nissan Quest front

2016 Nissan Quest Engine Specs

The power train of this fourth generation of the 2016 Nissan Quest will retain the same aggregate that is currently under the hood of the outgoing model. The 3.5 liter V-6 engine is able to deliver a maximum output of 260 brake horsepower and 240 pounds per feet of torque. This engine is smartly mated with a continuously variable transmission and is offered with front wheel drive. According to the EPA, the vehicle is able to register a fuel economy of (a combined) 22 miles per gallon (which is identical to that of the outgoing model).

2016 Nissan Quest Interior and Exterior Redesign

The redesign for the new 2016 Nissan Quest will not include anything that is over emphasized. The 2016 model will appear within the middle of the vehicle’s production cycle, therefore it will be ne following generation that will provide consumers with major refreshments. The new model of the Quest will possess a pleasant outward appearance that is pristinely complimented by classic characteristics. Unlike most other vehicles within its class, this is a peculiar vehicle with zero deserve to look more aggressive or masculine. It is a simple vehicle that is focused upon fulfilling consumer needs as opposed to displaying a variety of bells and whistles.

2016 Nissan Quest rear

The vehicle will be able to comfortably seat seven full sized adults within its three rows of seating. Previously, the Quest was subpar regarding passenger leg room within the third row. With the next generation, this dilemma is said to be completely resolved. This vehicle is expressly designed for the family on the go. The technological features hosted by the interior cabin are designed to keep rear passengers fully entertained and engaged. Whether children are filling the rear seat or adults, there is a component of the infotainment system that will thrill all.

2016 Nissan Quest interior

2016 Nissan Quest Release Date, Competitors and Price

At this time, there has been no formal release date offered from Nissan regarding its 2016 Quest. It is highly predicted by a variety of industry insiders believe that the vehicle will appear in showrooms by the close of the year 2015. The base pricing of the vehicle is comfortably placed within the neighborhood of $27,000. The highest trim level for the vehicle will cost consumers a price within the neighborhood of $44,000. The greatest amount of competition for the 2016 Nissan Quest come from the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna. Chrysler offers some models that are close to that of the Quest, but their models are not as close as those previously noted.


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