2016 Nissan Armada Facelift

When a car manufacturer announces that they will be a releasing updated models of a vehicle, expectations are set high and the hands and feet of car fanatics begin to itch. The first ride is fantasied about as they wait for its official release into the market. Nissan will be bringing SUV lovers a new model of the Armada. The 2016 Nissan Armada will be a complete redesign of its predecessors. As usual with new Nissan models, a perfect match between performance and comfort has been achieved.

2016 Nissan Armada front

The car as a whole is still being developed by the Japanese manufacturer. Nissan’s engineers are using the F-Alpha Platform. This is the same development platform that the Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder, and Titan were produced under. The 2016 Nissan Armada is a second generation model that will save drivers fuel whilst keeping them comfortable and stylish at the same time.

2016 Nissan Armada Engine Preformanse

A new V6 engine is what most car reviewers are hoping the new Armada will come with. Older models of the Armada came with a V8 engine that produced 317 horsepower. A V8 engine may be powerful but it has reached its expiration date when it comes to gas emissions and gas mileage. A V6 engine is smaller but it delivers a lot of power! Transmission may come as 5 or 6 speeds automatic. Advanced and fresh transmissions are expected to be found in the 2016 Nissan Armada.

2016 Nissan Armada side

2016 Nissan Armada Interior and Exterior

Exterior of the new Nissan Armada will most likely receive a facelift from the 2014 model. The exterior of a remodelled vehicle makes a statement of the experience of the drive as well as what can be expected on the inside. Updates to the outside of the vehicle might be a grille that comes with new head lights that are LED with daytime running lights. The hood could be wider. The body could have a smooth finish with aerodynamic lines that provides a seamless drive on the highway. Rear lights and the rear of the car could be redesigned to match the front. The exterior could initially take on the shape of the Nissan Titan.

2016 Nissan Armada interior

The interior may not receive a lot of changes from the 2014 model. On the inside, the driver can expect a whopping 8 seats waiting to be filled by passengers. The number of seats in the 2016 Nissan Armada is an indication of how much space the car will have. Since, not much is known about what the market can expect from the vehicle, speculation is rife. Most car reviewers expect the inside to come tricked with the latest technological features for driver and passenger. Things like, seats that have heating and cooling adjustments, a display and touch screen that will have a navigation system, an audio system that will resemble a home theatre, back seats that flip and fold to accommodate cargo, etc.

The SUV of the future may come as the 2016 Nissan Armada. Car marketers and enthusiasts will just have to wait for Nissan to issue out the necessary information to confirm this.

2016 Nissan Armada Release Date and Price

 At the moment only a concept version of the 2016 Armada is known. The car will probably make its way into the market late 2015 or early 2016. Nissan has yet to confirm. Those interested in owning a 2016 Nissan Armada will fork out about $40,000 for the base model. A hybrid version is also on the cards.

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