2015 Nissan Elgrand Release Date

The Nissan Elgrand has been on the market since 1997, and has been primarily used by celebrities within Thailand, China (Hong Kong, and Guangdong), Taiwan, Japan and a few additional countries. It is available via three models that include: E52, E51 (presented in 2010) and the E50 and endure the competition of the Honda Elysion, The Toyota Vellfire and the Toyota Alphard.

2015 Nissan Elgrand rear

The alterations that the Nissan Elgrand has received are as follows:

  • Redesigned LED daytime running headlights (minus the 250 XG model)
  • Chrome plate surrounding body
  • 18 inch wheels with a multi spoke design (minus the 250 XG model)
  • Chromed taillight inner lens (minus the 250 XG model)
  • The body color list increased to five with the addition of imperial amber (minus the 250 XG model)
  • For Highway Star Premium Models a grand black color scheme as well as a black/dark brown color scheme was added to the interior
  • Vehicle gauges were redesigned
  • Advanced Drive Assistance receive improved visibility and a 5 inch screen
  • The interior volume was adjusted as the height of the rear cargo cover was altered
  • The third row seat backs have been reduced both in concavity and convexity
  • All models received cruise control as standard

2015 Nissan Elgrand front

A version of the 250 XG(front wheel drive and all-wheel drive) and 350 Highway Star (front wheel drive/all-wheel drive), the Autech Elgrand Rider has an exclusive headlight finisher, front grille, front bumper, emblem, 18 inch glossy aluminum wheels, a lowered suspension, door trim, seat upholstery, choice of three body colors and more. The options for the Autech include premium white leather upholstery (for the 3.5 liter engine model exclusively), a large roof spoiler and a front protector decal.

2015 Nissan Elgrand Engine Options

2015 Nissan Elgrand enthusiasts are the driving force behind the emerging grey import for Elgrand into the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (as well as previously the Philippines). The seven to eight passenger vehicle is sold primarily with a 3.5 liter V-6 gasoline fuel engine or a 2.5 liter four cylinder option. The 2015 version that contains a 2.5 liter QR25DE engine is a berkapasitasn collaboration and has been mated with a continuous variable transmission (CVT) the Xtronic M6).

2015 Nissan Elgrand Changes

The 2015 Nissan Elgrand has received an even more elegant design with needed changes to the interior that are mainly focused upon the quality of the materials being used. The latest generation of the vehicle will have two interior options with an increased quality of material that is destined to meet the need and desires of a variant of consumers.

2015 Nissan Elgrand interior

The latest generation of the 2015 Nissan Elgrand has been released into Indonesia and has been priced at Rp 888 million while to more luxurious of the models; that contains leather interior has a price tag of 5 million adrift a more expensive Rp 893 million. There are export outlets that will provide car enthusiasts within the United States with their very own, but do note that it will quite a pricey venture that may leae yiu unable to drive the choice vehicle due to current regulations, etc.

2015 Nissan Elgrand Release Date

With its 2014 model year version, the 2015 Nissan Elgrand received a much needed, and well overdue, facelift. The facelift for the vehicle was revealed at both the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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