2014 Nissan Almera Review

The car has a fairly simple design that would make you think that the Nissan Micra and the Nissan Maxima had a baby and it is not appealing. From the outside it looks like a small ride, but it has ample space on the inside. Nissan has decides to focus mainly with pricing, fuel economy and space more than styling with the Nissan Almera 2014.

2014 Nissan Almera front

2014 Nissan Almera Design

It has different models that all have different features. There’s the 2014 Almera Ti and the Almera ST. These models are only two thousand dollars more than the base model. An improved exterior of the Ti and ST models includes 15 inch alloy wheels (Nissan has even thrown in a spare tyre that comes standard with the range), front fog lights, Rear Park assist and rear spoiler, and intermittent windscreen wiper function.

The interior offers those riding in the back a lot of legroom for a comfortable ride. There are two key functions of the seats found in the Nissan Almera 2014, these are; height-adjustable driver’s seat and adjustable rear headrests. The seats have a high seating position and the small pillars situated at the front and back seats give a clear view to driver and passenger. This is probably the strongest point of the 2014 Almera.

2014 Nissan Almera interior

The inside of the 2014 Almera ST is tricked with an air conditioner, a sound system with four speakers that can play a MP3 or CD. It also has an adjustable steering wheel that tilts, controls that can be handled on audio or with a cell/smart phone, power windows, and remote central locking. It also has automatic climate control, and scores chrome door handles, a rear-seat centre armrest, a smart proximity key and an engine start button. Just like the exterior, the inside is just as basic and uninspiring.

Cars of today that boast about being spacious usually have backseats that flip and fold to create more room for cargo. The back seats of the Nissan Almera 2014 don’t move. They sit rigid in an upright position. The car has 490 litres worth of space, an adult mountain bike can be fully fitted in the boot of the vehicle.

2014 Nissan Almera rear

2014 Nissan Almera Engine

The engine of the Nissan Almera 2014 is pretty standard. It is a 1.5 litre engine that produces 75 kilowatts and torque of 139. The ST comes with two transmission options, there’s the five speed manual transmission and the four speed automatic. The Ti model only comes as an automatic.

2014 Nissan Almera Price and Release Date

The 2014 Nissan Almera is the less popular vehicle to come out of the Nissan stable. Having been discontinued in some parts of the world due to dwindling sales, the car has left a bad taste in reviewer’s mouth. In some areas the car has been released as the Sentra and it has won over a few people to the Nissan brand. The 2014 Nissan Almera edges its way into the market in 2013. It is a fairly cheap vehicle, with a price tag of $16,990.

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